The Dark House of Make Believe (Details)


I wrote The Dark House of Make Believe in response to viewing Queensland Theatre’s Scenes From A Marriage with my beloved husband on the evening of 18 November 2017.

Scenes From A Marriage
By Ingmar Bergman
Adapted for the stage by Joanna Murray-Smith

Marta Dusseldorp (Marianne)
Ben Winspear (Johan)
Loani Arman (Mrs Palm/ Eva)
Christen O’Leary (Katerina/ Mrs Jacobi)
Hugh Parker (Peter/ Arne)


Paige Rattray (Director)
David Fleischer (Designer)
Ben Hughes (Lighting Designer)
Kelly Ryall (Composer/ Sound Designer)
Tony Brumpton (Associate Sound Designer)
Julia Patey (Assistant Director)
Eloise Grace (Stage Manager)
Kathryn O’Halloran (Assistant Stage Manager)
Vilma Matilla (Assistant Designer)
Ashley Hay (Responding Artist)
Nigel Poulton (Fight Director)


Performed at Playhouse, Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC), Southbank, Brisbane.


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